Gut Aiderbichl

A day trip to a paradise for people & animals - Gut Aiderbichl in the Salzburger Land region

Animals at Gut Aiderbichl
Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary

How do you imagine paradise? You can visit Michael Aufhauser's idea of paradise. With Gut Aiderbichl he has created a place where people and animals are supposed to equally feel at home. And this really is the case at this genuine place of energy. Visit Gut Aiderbichl and top up your energy levels, there is plenty of it there.

Understanding and mercy for those who have had a particularly tough time

People and animals should feel equally at home - that's the motto at Gut Aiderbichl. The prerequisite for this is that there are not any threats and they can simply thrive and prosper. You can see and sense that the animals are on to a good thing at Gut Aiderbichl when free running animals cross your path, endangered animals that are usually very shy eat out of your hand and it all seems as if you have been immersed in a strange world of love and charity.

A donkey at Gut Aiderbichl near Salzburg
Happy animals

Understanding and mercy for those who have had a particularly tough time

Gut Aiderbichl calls itself a genuine animal sanctuary. The team led by Michael Aufhauser helps animals in need and often offers them the last safe haven they can find. And there's quite a few of them, in the meantime we're talking about 23 farms where more than 5,000 animals already live. The animals have ended up there and will also stay there until the end of their natural life. What is special about Gut Aiderbichl is that it's not a stopover. The animals find a home and do not have any fear or stress as they can move around totally freely.

Animal feeding time at Gut Aiderbichl near Salzburg
Tame animals await you

Natural materials - integrated into Flachgau's natural region

Only natural materials are used to construct the buildings and stables. The timber is only felled during a specific phase of the moon, there is no chemical impregnation of the timber, only natural wood protection is used. The focus is also heavily on old and passed down building methods from earlier times. They don't want anything to do with modern architecture. Gut Aiderbichl is supposed to integrate into the natural and cultural region of Salzburg's Flachgau and it does so successfully.

A few interesting facts about Gut Aiderbichl

  • Roughly 6,000 rescued animals live on Gut Aiderbichl today, 750 of them horses.
  • Well over 2,000 horses & cats have been given a new start
  • Gut Aiderbichl & politics - animals as fellow creatures in the state constitution
  • Not just animals - Gut Aiderbichl also helps people with disabilities or in hospices
  • Become an Aiderbichler - through donations, being a patron or sponsoring

Become part of this positive energy too

Do you want to visit this place of energy yourself and be inspired by the humanitarian aid at Gut Aiderbichl? Become part of this dignity, charity and respect and let the spirit rub off on you. Gut Aiderbichl is supposed to make you think or maybe even prompt you to rethink.

Has it managed to do this? Then be our guest at Landgasthof Kirchbichl and take a day trip to Gut Aiderbichl. You will find the positive mood, happy animals and people contagious. The Zipperer family and the team at Landgasthof Kirchbichl will be happy to help you plan your day trips. Send us a non-binding enquiry or give us a call now on +43 662 665 900.