A leisure & sporting paradise

Get out and about and enjoy an active adventure – the Salzburg region is a paradise of sport & leisure opportunities

Are you one of those people who wants to squeeze every drop of excitement into their holiday or free time? Do you like getting out and about, being active and pushing yourself to the limits? The topography of the Salzburg region is just what you need. Beautiful lakes, rolling hills and high mountains – welcome to Salzburg, the land of SPORT.

Getting your exercise between mountains and lakes

This is what it's all about when exploring the mountainous Salzburg region. When it comes to mountains & sporting opportunities, the outstanding diversity of the Salzburg region is what sets it apart. The lake region boasts a level landscape with gentle hills to suit runners, cyclists and e-bike enthusiasts. There are plenty of easy hikes and walking trails, too. The district also has several golf courses with gorgeous green fairways.

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