Celebrating in the Salettl gazebo in Salzburg

Enjoy an outstanding atmosphere when you celebrate in Hallwang

There are plenty of good reasons to celebrate in life. And a celebration in our rustic yet stylish Salettl gazebo in Hallwang, near Salzburg, guarantees a truly magical atmosphere for your special occasion. You can enjoy a social gathering in an entirely private venue with space for 40 to 50 guests. The Salettl is furnished with high-quality timber fittings and tasteful lighting.

The centrepiece of our Salettl gazebo is the circular bar, which invites guests to enjoy a friendly chat. 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape are an added bonus of this venue – wonders on all sides!

The Salettl gazebo in Hallwang features a timber bar
Delicious drinks await you at the Salettl gazebo in Hallwang

Our Salettl gazebo is easy to get to

From birthdays to graduation ceremonies, confirmations to corporate functions, our Salettl gazebo is the perfect option for a wide range of celebrations in Salzburg. When you hire the venue, you will also enjoy excellent traffic connections, outstanding service and a unique location. We will ensure your event is an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

The ultimate in Austrian cuisine

A great party is not complete without a delicious meal. When you celebrate in our Salettl gazebo, we will also take care of the catering. Indulge in authentic Austrian cuisine from a substantial buffet selection. We can offer legendary roast dinners or a selection of warm or cold dishes, and are happy to provide a menu to suit your taste. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we'll take care of the culinary details.

The Salettl gazebo in Hallwang features a circular wooden bar with red barstools
Enjoy a delightful evening in the Salettl gazebo

Celebrate your birthday in Salzburg: anything's possible in our Salettl

If you want to celebrate your birthday in Salzburg, you have plenty of options. Our Salettl gazebo is the venue of choice for guests who appreciate our friendly service and enjoy the rustic, comfortable atmosphere of a ski hut. Guests can enjoy socialising in a private venue, order drinks from the bar at any time and soak up their favourite music amid the delightful atmosphere.

Spectacular birthday parties with overnight accommodation

Sometimes getting together is so much fun that celebrations go on until the early hours of the morning. With that in mind, it's only natural that we should offer birthday parties with overnight accommodation at our guesthouse. Plan ahead and book your party in the Salettl gazebo together with rooms and breakfast. That way you can enjoy an uproarious party in secure surroundings, followed by a restful night's sleep and a great start to the next day.

The Salettl gazebo at the Landgasthof Kirchbichl in Hallwang features a circular bar
The circular bar of the Salettl gazebo is stocked and ready for your next event

Great family celebrations in our Salettl gazebo

Would you prefer a private venue for your family gathering? In our Salettl gazebo, you will have plenty of space to celebrate your anniversary, christening, confirmation or other special event. We provide the perfect atmosphere to ensure that family members of all ages can enjoy themselves. The open, circular design of the gazebo with its central bar creates a warm, home-like atmosphere of comfort.

The perfect ambience for Christmas celebrations in Salzburg

Advent is a peaceful, contemplative period in the Salzburg region. Here, where "Silent Night" was originally composed, the snow-covered landscape and romantic advent markets create a unique atmosphere of reflection. The magic continues at pre-Christmas celebrations in our in-house Salettl gazebo in Salzburg, where the building is transformed into a splendid pavilion bedecked with Christmas lights, decorations and hot drinks to mark the festive season.

Steal the bride and keep the party going

Our Salettl gazebo is approximately 60 or 70 metres away from the main building, making it the perfect venue for a traditional bride-stealing. While the wedding celebration is in full swing in the larger dining hall, the Salettl is the perfect spot for smaller gatherings and more personal conversation – ideal for a few pleasant hours before the bride is "found" again.

Opening hours & capacity

Reservations can be made for private parties of 40 to 50 guests. We will be happy to open the Salettl gazebo on other weekdays for groups of 30 or more.

Are you looking to celebrate your special occasion in a magical setting near Salzburg? Our Salettl gazebo is the perfect choice. Send us an obligation-free enquiry, and we will be happy to help you plan your event!

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