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World famous day trip destinations & sights - castles & palaces in the Salzburger Land region

Hohenwerfen Fortress
Hohenwerfen Fortress

Usually built on an imposing hill, they have a view of everything happening around them. Their mightiness and phenomenal architecture becomes recognisable as you get nearer to them. The castles and palaces in the surrounding area of Salzburg have not just recently begun to have a big impact on visitors. They have survived many centuries and will still be here when many of us are no longer on this earth.

This is our selection of the best castles & palaces:

  • Fortress Hohensalzburg - the landmark that towers above everything
  • Salzburg Residenz Palace - the residential magnificence of the prince bishops in the heart of the old town
  • Hohenwerfen Fortress - a medieval fortress that can be seen from afar
  • Mauterndorf Castle - come on a journey through time back to the Middle Ages

Fortress Hohensalzburg - in the heart of the city:

Fortress Hohensalzburg is part of the city of Salzburg's silhouette, just like the Salzach River or the Mönchsberg. It can be seen from far and wide and rises strikingly over the city's towers. Behind its thick walls and in the hidden corners history becomes close enough to touch and feel. Come in and explore the museums as well as the individual princes' rooms. You should schedule in time as you will need 2-3 hours for an informative tour. If you get hungry or thirsty you can end your day trip fittingly in the castle tavern.

Salzburg's Residenz Palace - the city palace with plenty of art & culture

Do you want to experience real ostentation? Then take a tour through Salzburg's Residenz Palace. More than 200 years of art history await you from Renaissance to Baroque and Classicism. The city of Salzburg set a clear signal in terms of culture in May 2014. A 15,000 sqm area, 2,000 magnificent exhibits and 1,300 years were made accessible to the public when the DomQuartier was opened. A tour of the upper floor awaits visitors, which besides great views over the city also provides previously unknown insight into its cultural heart.

Hohenwerfen Fortress - outside the city, to ward off enemies

It is more than 900 years old and was originally conceived to ward off enemies of the city of Salzburg. The place where it is built is not just by chance. Nobody could pass the narrow passage in the Salzachtal valley without being seen from Hohenwerfen Fortress. The thick walls and embrasures reinforce the impression of a medieval fortress. Inside there are a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. Today it is home to the feathered hunters of the province's historical falconry centre, which invites you to watch falconry shows and flying demonstrations.

Mauterndorf Castle

We're moving even further south of the city of Salzburg. There is a massive sun dial above the portal of Mauterndorf Castle. This already revealed the time to travellers and merchants hundreds of years ago, only in good weather of course. Back then you had to pay a toll at this place, hence the name Mauterndorf which means "toll village". Today visitors immerse themselves in the Middle Ages. One highlight of every visit is the guided tour through the fortified tower so that visitors get an insight into how the tower was used in the Middle Ages. The 360° panoramic view over the Lungau is also breathtaking.

Are you fascinated by the Middle Ages and castles and palaces steeped in history? Then you should plan various day trips to the famous sights in the Salzburger Land region. You can get more detailed information about the opening hours, prices and guided tours from the reception at the Landgasthof Kirchbichl. The Zipperer family is already looking forward to personally getting to know you soon. Send us a non-binding enquiry or give us a call now on +43 662 665 900.