Fortresses & castles in the Salzburg region

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Most of the region's great attractions are built on imposing natural heights, gazing down on events below. When you approach, you can't miss the might and outstanding architecture of these buildings. The castles and fortresses around Salzburg aren't just impressive to contemporary visitors – they've been looming over the landscape for many centuries, and will still be standing when many of us no longer walk the earth.

Our list of the best fortresses & castles to visit

  • Festung Hohensalzburg – Salzburg's most prominent landmark
  • The Salzburg Residenz – the archbishop's magnificent palace in the heart of the historic city centre
  • Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen – a medieval fortification, visible from afar
  • Burgerlebnis Mauterndorf – join us on a journey to the Middle Ages
The fortress of Festung Hohensalzburg and inner courtyard
Salzburg's landmark fortress – the Festung Hohensalzburg

Festung Hohensalzburg – in the centre of the city

The Festung Hohensalzburg fortress is part of the skyline of the city of Salzburg, just like the Salzach river and the Mönchsberg peak. The fortress can be seen from afar, looming high above the towers of the city. Behind the thick walls, hidden corners offer a close encounter with history. Step inside and explore the museum and the prince's rooms. You should allow 2–3 hours for an in-depth tour of the fortress. If you're tired and hungry after trekking through the halls, finish up with a refreshing visit to the fortress tavern.

The Salzburg Residenz – a palace full of art & culture

Would you like to see true splendour? Then you should definitely take a tour of the Residenz palace in Salzburg, where you will find more than 200 years' worth of art history, from the Renaissance to Baroque and Neoclassical magnificence. The city of Salzburg's huge investment in culture culminated with the opening of the DomQuartier in May 2014. This museum covers 15,000m2, with 2,000 stunning exhibits and 1,300 years of history on public display. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the upper floor with beautiful views over the city and previously unavailable insights into its beating cultural heart.

The solid stone entrance to the Hohenwerfen fortress experience in Werfen
Visit Hohenwerfen Castle

The Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen – guarding the city and defending against its enemies

The fortress is more than 900 years old, and was originally constructed as a defensive fortification against enemies of the city of Salzburg. The site of the fortress is no accident – no-one could pass the narrow point along the course of the Salzach river without being seen from the walls of Hohenwerfen. Those thick walls, dotted with arrow slits, add to the formidable impression of the medieval fortification. The castle interior is full of labyrinthine passages and interesting places to explore. Today, the building is home to the feathered hunters of the historic falconry association, which offers flight displays and opportunities for visitors to see the birds of prey.

A fortress in the centre of Mautendorf
Take a look at the imposing Mauterndorf Castle in the town of the same name

The Mauterndorf Castle experience

Let us wander a little further to the south of Salzburg, where a massive sundial looms over the gates of Mauterndorf Castle. Travellers and merchants of centuries past relied on its timekeeping for hundreds of years – but only in fine weather. In those days, road tolls or "Maut" were calculated here, giving rise to the name of Mauterndorf. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Middle Ages. A highlight of any visit is a tour of the guard tower, from which visitors can see just how the structure was used in the Middle Ages. The 360° panoramic views across the Lungau region are also worth a mention.

Are you fascinated by the Middle Ages and the historic castles of the period? Then you should definitely plan to take in some of the best-known attractions in the Salzburg region. Simply ask at reception at the Landgasthof Kirchbichl for details about opening hours, prices and tour options. The Zipperer family look forward to meeting you. Send us your obligation-free enquiry or give us a call on +43(0)662 6659 00.

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