The Hallein world of salt in the Salzburg region

White gold you can touch

Did you know that salt has long been one of Austria's most important materials – and still is to this day? When people refer to white gold, they aren't, as many people suppose, talking about the snow – it's actually the salt. Salzburg and the Salzkammergut region owe their names to this mineral and its long and noble history – it's no wonder, then, that the Hallein salt mines are among the best-known destinations in the region.

Two women descend the slide in the salt mines
Join a guided tour of the salt mines in Hallein

A mineral steeped in history – the city's namesake

There are several places in Salzburg and the Salzkammergut where you can still visit the original salt mines. The Hallein salt mine is one of these destinations. Millions of years ago, natural salt deposits were laid down in Dürrnberg, near Hallein – an area that has long been known as Salzburg's treasury. There is plenty of evidence to show that the Celts began extracting this valuable mineral from the mountain over 2,500 years ago.

Explore the mines today

Mining salt from the mountains around Hallein, Hallstatt and Altaussee was no easy task. Fabulous exhibitions describe the difficult working conditions and tell the wild tales of the mountain folk. Visitors can venture inside the mountain on the Grubenbahn railway or on foot, and even cross the salt lake under the mountain in a boat, before descending to the lower tunnels on a slide. A visit to the Hallein salt mines is, without a doubt, an unmissable experience.

A family and another man descend the slide into the Hallein salt mines
Take the whole family to find out more about the history of the salt mines

More living history

The Celtic village of SALINA provides a working demonstration of the way people lived and worked during the time of the Celts. The immersive artificial experience was created in collaboration with the Celtic museum in Hallein, featuring life-sized illustrations of Celts going about their daily business. See how people worked some 2,500 years ago and take a look at the range of original archaeological finds from the period on display in the Celtic museum in Hallein.

Special offers for the world of salt in Hallein

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  • Free parking – making your visit to the Hallein world of salt more convenient
  • Dress warmly – warm clothes and sturdy footwear are a must inside the mountain
  • The weather makes little difference, with the temperature inside the mountain staying at a constant 10°C all year round

Fantastic bad-weather options

A visit to the Hallein salt mines is a great experience for the whole family. Young and old will be equally fascinated by the history of the salt industry. A great option in bad weather – the interior of the mountain stays at a constant 10°C, even when it's raining outside. If you're interested in the Hallein salt mines, we'll be happy to help you plan your visit. The team at the Landgasthof Kirchbichl have plenty of information on getting there, entry costs and special programmes. Send us your obligation-free enquiry or give us a call on +43(0)662 6659 00.

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