Werfen giant ice caves

Head inside the mountain - the giant ice caves in the Tennengebirge range near Werfen in the Salzburger Land region

Ice caves
The largest ice caves in the world

Yes, you guessed right, this day trip destination also takes you inside the mountain. This time the Tennengebirge mountain range is on the agenda and it's not all about salt but ice. However, the giant ice caves do have one thing in common with other attractions inside the mountains, it really doesn't matter what the weather is like outside. You should enjoy the great view from the mountain in good weather with great visibility though.

We have the largest of course

It doesn't really make any difference if there is another larger ice cave somewhere in the world but it is a fact that the giant ice caves in Werfen are the largest ice caves in the world and for that reason alone are worth a visit. What's interesting about the history is that the cave was totally unknown until the end of the 19th century. This is sure to have something to do with the fact that the entrance is in the rugged mountain range and therefore just getting there is a challenge.

Today it is superbly developed and accessible of course

The challenge is manageable nowadays as a modern cable car takes you up the mountain. Don't worry, there is still a short walk to overcome despite this. The climb and descent is right in the rock of the Tennengebirge mountain range and breathtaking views open up over the Salzachtal valley. Provided there's good visibility. Inside the cave the weather is essentially irrelevant as there is a constant temperature of 0°C. It is therefore definitely recommended that you wear warm clothing and solid shoes.

No top sporting performances

Are necessary to visit and walk through the giant ice caves. The visitors' fitness levels are taken into account on the guided tours. There are approx. 150 metres difference in altitude to overcome, you should cope with these to enjoy walking through the caves. You should be steady on your feet, the paths and the steps in particular may be wet and slippery. A total of four mountain huts and restaurants ensure you are well catered for along the trail. The largest is at the car park and visitor centre and is open from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. The view from roughly 1,000 metres above sea level over the Salzburger Land below is fantastic.

A few interesting facts about Werfen giant ice caves

  • The labyrinth of caves is more than 40 km long in total
  • It originated more than 100 million years ago
  • The cavities and caves were formed over thousands of years
  • Dynamic ice caves - there are links to lower and higher situated caves
  • The draught from above downwards and vice versa influences the temperature inside
  • In the winter cold air flows inside the cave freezing the melt water in the mountain
  • This results in wonderful breathtaking ice sculptures in the cave

This all sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it?

A visit to the Werfen giant ice caves always pays off whether it's good or bad weather. Your children in particular will love this beautiful world of ice. Dress up warm, pack solid shoes and set off to visit the giant ice caves in Werfen, you won't regret it.

For more details, the opening hours, prices and programmes the best thing is to visit the website for the giant ice caves in Werfen. The Landgasthof Kirchbichl team will be happy to help you plan your day trip. Send us a non-binding enquiry or give us a call now on +43 662 665 900.